World Cup: Which teams and players have run the furthest and fastest?

Which teams and players have run the furthest and fastest at the World Cup? We checked FIFA’s running stats to find out…

As of Monday morning, Russia had covered more distance than any other nation at the tournament with the average player running a lung-busting 8.3 km per game.

Serbia’s players are just two metres shy of the hosts, while Denmark (8.2 km), Australia (8.1 km), Switzerland and Germany (both 7.9 km) have also recorded above-average distances.

Surprisingly, England rank seventh from bottom with an average of just 7.3 km per player, per game – having thrashed the competition’s least-mobile side Panama (6.7 km) 6-1 in 30-degree temperatures on Sunday.

Other teams that have covered below-average distances include Nigeria (7,153 km), Colombia (7,203 km), Argentina (7,212 km), South Korea (7,218 km) and Mexico (7,245 km).

In terms of the players, Russia midfielder Aleksandr Golovin leads the pack with a staggering average of 12.6 km covered per game – in addition to completing a tournament-topping 69 sprints during the first two fixtures.

Tottenham and Denmark playmaker Christian Eriksen is the current runner-up with a typically impressive 12.5 km, followed by Golovin’s team-mate Yury Gazinsky (12.1 km).

Despite being 33 years old, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo has clocked the fastest speed so far with a dash at 34 km/h – while Croatia winger Ante Rebic (33.3 km/h) and Costa Rica’s Marco Urena (33.1 km/h) have also smashed the 33 km/h threshold.

Top speeds at the World Cup Player Nation Top speed Ronaldo Portugal 34.0 Rebic Croatia 33.3 Urena Costa Rica 33.1 Leckie Australia 32.8 Hakimi Morocco 32.8 Gonzalez Costa Rica 32.8 Lukaku Belgium 32.8 Bolanos Costa Rica 32.8 Pique Spain 32.6 Niang Senegal 32.6

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