What to expect on WWE RAW

The landscape of WWE shifted on Sunday night after some highly anticipated matches at No Mercy. Here’s what to expect as a result on RAW, live on Sky Sports Arena at 1am.

Reigns to kick off the show on Miz TV

Fresh from his victory of John Cena, Roman Reigns has been invited onto Miz TV to start Monday night’s show.

Expect Miz, who saw off Jason Jordan on Sunday night, to be at his confrontational best with Reigns, who will be booed mercilessly despite his latest huge win.

The night after his victory over The Undertaker at Wrestlemania the crowd unrest lasted 12 minutes, it’ll be interesting to see if Reigns faces a similar fate on Monday night.

How will Strowman react to a rare loss?

Braun Strowman was beaten in the biggest match of his career, so how he reacts will both fascinate and terrify the rest of the roster.

Strowman got his title shot at No Mercy by destroying anyone that got in his way, so will an angered Braun be more dangerous than ever?

His fellow superstars will hope not.

Asuka is coming

Just before Sunday night’s No Mercy it was confirmed Asuka will make her in-ring debut at TLC in October, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

The Japanese star was undefeated on NXT and held the Women’s Championship for 523 days before making the switch to RAW.

The rest of the Women’s Division is on notice.

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Tooth hurts for Cesaro

Cesaro not only lost his chance for Tag Team gold at No Mercy but he also lost his two front teeth.

The Swiss star and his team mate Sheamus were impressive against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in what was the match of the night.

But do losses at SummerSlam and No Mercy now mean they have to go to the back of the queue?

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