What to expect on WWE Raw?

WWE Raw will once again brace itself for an #UnderSiege invasion this week as the Smackdown crew target another psychological blow in the Survivor Series build-up.

Last week’s episode saw the blue team storm the Monday Night set and embark on a rampage which left a string of battered and bruised competitors in its wake.

After Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon confronted his opposite number Kurt Angle in the ring, the group – which included big hitters such as Rusev, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura – set about laying waste to the red locker room.

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Twenty-four hours later, the Raw squad was denied the chance to avenge the attack when McMahon and general manager Daniel Bryan ordered the arena doors to be bolted shut for the duration of the show.

All of which means the Smackdown team has a major psychological advantage going into the November 22 event in Houston, which will see each brand’s champions go head to head and two five-person teams – one from the men’s and one from the women’s divisions – fight it out for supremacy.

So will Shane O Mac look to inflict another mental wound on the Raw team ahead of the final dual brand pay-per-view of 2017?

Or will Angle – whose comprehensive defeat last week immediately burst the personal bubble he had after a glorious return to in-ring action at TLC – have something up his sleeve in terms of a retaliation?

There will also be some progress in terms of filling out the representative teams for the five-on-five men’s and women’s matches at Survivor Series, when bragging rights will be contested once and for all.

Randy Orton’s place on the Smackdown side is already confirmed, and Alicia Fox will captain the Raw women, but all of the other spots remain up for grabs.

Will Roman be back to bolster The Shield?

The Hounds of Justice went into their Monday Night Raw match against The Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro without The Big Dog once again last week, as Reigns was once again sidelined with illness.

AJ Styles took his place but after he played a key role in the invasion later in the show, there is no chance he will again be trusted to be part of the Raw roster.

So will Roman be back with his old crew to again do battle against The Miz and his men? Or will Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins again be forced to dip into the market for a third man to make up the numbers?

Who will Foxy pick for her Survivor Series team?

An improbable victory over Bayley and Sasha Banks has given the unhinged but hugely entertaining Alicia Fox the captaincy of the Raw women’s team for Survivor Series, which could either be an unintentionally shrewd piece of tactics or an unmitigated disaster.

With Emma having departed the WWE and champion Alexa Bliss in a belt-against-belt showdown with Natalya, Foxy’s options for her team have been further limited and she may be forced to call a truce with Banks, who is one of the most talented members of the roster but with whom the skipper most definitely does not see eye to eye.

Is Kane’s competition about to go up a notch?

The Big Red Machine echoed the public proclamations of Braun Strowman last week when he demanded ‘competition’ – and as a result was handed a match against Finn Balor.

Balor fought gamely and it took three chokeslams to put him away as Kane continued his dominant return.

Watch as Kane chokeslams Braun Strowman off the stage

The issue of Strowman seemingly vanished when he was placed in the garbage truck by The Miz and his crew at TLC and nothing has been seen or heard from the Monster Among Men since said truck drove off into the distance 10 days ago.

How long that silence continues, however, remains to be seen.

The action continues next week on Monday Night Raw from midnight on Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports Main Event.