WATCH: Where would you take a point? Jamie Redknapp and Ian Wright’s heated discussion on The Debate

Ian Wright says Manchester United should have attacked more against Liverpool while Jamie Redknapp says any point at Anfield is a good point. Who is right?

Would you take a point from Anfield? Or Old Trafford? Jamie Redknapp and Ian Wright got into a heated discussion on the topic.

The duo were panellists on Tuesday’s The Debate show, and were discussing Manchester United’s 0-0 draw with Liverpool on Saturday.

Redknapp believes that any manager would take a point from a trip to Anfield – including Jose Mourinho – while Wright questioned if this then applied to other ‘big’ grounds around the country.

The two then got into a heated debate about where and who would take a point from away trips around the Premier League, including stadiums like Old Trafford, the Emirates and Stamford Bridge.

Hit play on the video above to see the discussion in full and decide for yourself – would you take a point?

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