WATCH: Top 10 extreme Money In The Bank moments


Here are the 10 most extreme moments to occur during a Money in the Bank ladder match

By its very definition, the Money In The Bank ladder match lends itself to some extreme moments – and here’s the top 10.

WWE competitors have regularly proved they are only too willing to put everything on the line in their bid to bring home the briefcase at what is has come to be the fifth biggest Box Office event of the year.

Sometimes it is a blood-chilling spill from the top of the ladder, as the fingertips brush against the briefcase before everything comes crashing down.

On other occasions it is the ladder itself being used as a weapon, either as a makeshift lance in the style of a jousting knight of old or by simply being thrown at an opponent.

And then there are the times it is a combination of both – a leap from one ladder onto a poor and unfortunate opponent grounded on a second ladder somewhere around the ring.

Whatever the combination, there is plenty of extreme moments to choose from, and we’ve created a compilation of the 10 most harsh ahead of Sunday night’s event.