WATCH: Rusev invades Sky Sports – on Rusev Day!

How could David Garrido even think about doing a Sky Sports bulletin WITHOUT mentioning Rusev Day? Cue the man himself to make sure that mistake never happens again!

Sky Sports News presenter David Garrido had a Rusev Day to remember – when his bulletin was interrupted by Rusev himself!

The Bulgarian Brute took over not just Sky Sports but the entire Sky campus as he marked an extra special Rusev Day at the home of WWE’s British broadcast partners.

The controversial highlight came when Rusev spotted a sports news bulletin taking place without any mention of the fact it was, in fact, Rusev Day.

Never failing to recognise an opportunity to spread the gospel when it comes to such a momentous day, Rusev took matters into his own hands and interrupted the broadcast.

Despite presenter David’s protestations, and his pleas for security to be summoned by the director, Rusev took a seat alongside him and educated him on the principles of Rusev Day.

Click on the video to relive the invasion in full!