WATCH: Ronda Rousey taps out Nia Jax on WWE Monday Night Raw


Ronda Rousey trapped Nia Jax in an armbar ahead of Money in the Bank proving she's still the baddest woman on the planet

Ronda Rousey celebrated her induction into the UFC Hall of Fame by forcing the Raw women’s champion Nia Jax to tap out.

The duo will go head to head at Money In The Bank live on Sky Sports Box Office on Sunday night, with the red brand’s women’s championship on the line in what is Rousey’s first WWE singles match.

She earned lots of praise for her performance in her only other televised pro wrestling contest when she teamed with Kurt Angle to beat Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in a match-of-the-night contender at WrestleMania in April.

Rousey’s next assignment sees her face Raw champion Jax, and there has been no love lost between the pair in the build-up to Sunday night’s match.

This week’s episode of Raw saw them go head-to-head in an interview and Jax took that literally, flooring the former UFC champion with a headbutt.

But such an action was the equivalent of poking a very large bear with a very sharp stick, as Jax found out to her cost when Rousey turned to her famous armbar submission to make an emphatic point in response.

Click on the video above to watch the drama unfold…