Triple H: Shawn Michaels’ enthusiasm for WWE comeback has been reignited in NXT

Triple H believes Shawn Michaels’ desire to return to a WWE ring has been reignited by his work with the company’s development brand NXT.

Michaels recently told Sky Sports News he could be tempted to come back for a one-off match after eight years in retirement.

The Heartbreak Kid and Triple H will both appear at the United Kingdom tournament at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday and Tuesday next week, where the winner will earn a shot at current UK champion Pete Dunne.

Triple H revealed Michaels has been in two minds over a comeback for several years but that his enthusiasm to return may have been reinvigorated by the fact he is now working on an up-close-and-personal basis with WWE’s emerging talent.

Michaels retired after losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26

“One thing I know about Shawn is that only he will know,” he said. “He’s gone back and forth on this a million times I think.

“But I think being involved with the Performance Center and being in NXT, there’s something about these young guys and girls being hungry and driven that reinvigorates everybody that goes down there.

“Guys who have been in the business a long time say being around that talent relights their fire and the passion you have for this when you first start.

“I think that’s where he is and what has made him think differently about this.”

At this stage, the Royal Albert Hall plans for Michaels remain secret, but Triple H confirmed his long-term friend was keen to return to a venue neither man – or, in fact, any wrestling company – has visited since 1995.

“Shawn wanted to come over and be a part of this, he’s engaged so much with this and it’s a very cool thing for him,” he said.

“Because he’s my buddy and I’ve worked with him so closely we have that thing where we know what the other one is thinking.

“When the UK stuff came up and it was confirmed we were going to the Royal Albert Hall he called me up and said he wanted to go.

“He’s going to be involved and be a part of it. He hasn’t been there since I was there in 1995 and it’s going to be a historic moment and something we wouldn’t miss.”