Tony Bellew says Tyson Fury respects him as a serious threat

Tony Bellew believes Tyson Fury views him as a “serious threat” after his destructive victories over David Haye.

‘Bomber’ repeated a stoppage win over Haye in their heavyweight rematch in May and has turned his attention to Fury, another big-name domestic rival who made his return to the sport this month.

A former WBC cruiserweight champion, Bellew would have to contend with Fury’s sizeable advantages in height and reach, but is confident he could chop down his 6’9″ tall opponent to force another stunning victory.

“I’m a serious threat for Tyson,” Bellew told Sky Sports.

“I think Tyson looked at me when he was on his way back and thought ‘yeah that’s a nice, easy fight’, and then he’s just seen what I’ve done to David Haye and he’s thought, you know what, I’ve got to take this guy seriously.

“No one has ever done to David Haye what I’ve just done to him. I bullied him, I beat him up, and I stopped him in emphatic fashion. No one’s ever done that.

“People will say ‘Tony didn’t beat the proper David Haye’. I gave you that the first time round. The second time I showed you the real me, the real man who’s got used to fighting at over 14st 4[lbs].

“If I fight Tyson Fury, I will deal with him swiftly and viciously, the exact same way I dealt with David Haye in the rematch.”

Bellew was far from impressed with Fury’s fourth-round stoppage win over Sefer Seferi, insisting that Fury is “not ready” for a domestic clash.

With Fury due to fight again in August, the Merseysider urged the former world heavyweight champion to test himself against a more durable foe.

“I thought it was a circus, the opponent was a joke,” said Bellew. “But ultimately, he’s been out the ring for the best part of three years and you’re allowed one of them guys on your first fight back.

“As long as the second one is nowhere near that. I’m not saying he should fight someone in the top 10, second fight back, I’m not saying that at all. We need to see in his second fight – let it just be someone who we know.

“Seferi looked like he came from the safari, he was that bad so we need to know who the next guy is, and he has to have fought at least somebody.

“I’m happy Tyson is back, it’s good for boxing. I’m happy he has got his life back on track, because he’s a good guy. I really do like Tyson Fury. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to punch him the face with a pair of 10oz gloves on.

“It’s brilliant that he’s back for British boxing.”

You can hear more from an exclusive interview with Tony Bellew on this week’s Ringside Toe 2 Toe podcast.