Sochi’s ‘doping control’ lab earns World Cup trade with drug-cheat themed cocktails


Sky Sports News' Gary Cotterill investigates the Sochi bar set up in the infamous 'doping control' lab. It’s doing a roaring trade during the World Cup by selling drug-cheat themed cocktails.

Russia’s controversial former anti-doping laboratory is now serving up ‘Meldonium’ cocktails to World Cup supporters.

With its new ‘La Punto’ name on the side of the building, there is little sign that this housed the systemic cheating that helped Russia to a series of golden medals – exposed by the laboratory’s former director, Grigory Rodchenkov.

But inside, staff now running a sleek bar from its premises are keen not to forget the site’s dark history – which led to athlete bans, embarrassment and worldwide scandal.

With waiters dressed in full World Cup kits as they serve up the drinks, the staff are capitalising on the latest sporting event to reach the city following the Winter Olympics four years ago.

While in Room 124 suspicious samples were once swapped for clean ones, punters can now purchase cocktails named after the dodgy dealings which went on here.

‘B sample’ is a popular favourite among those visiting – though chilli sauce, Sambucca and Tequila is a mix not as ‘performance enhancing’ as its namesake.

Watch the video above to see Sochi’s ‘doping’ bar.