Simon Jordan: Jose Mourinho needs to ‘sit down and shut up’

Simon Jordan told The Debate Live that he is tired of Jose Mourinho's 'antics'

Simon Jordan said on The Debate Live that Jose Mourinho needs to “sit down, shut up and get on with his job”, having been in the headlines on several occasions recently.

Manchester United manager Mourinho made a ‘shush’ gesture following victory over Tottenham last weekend and then appeared to have a dig at fans in his programme notes in the next game against Benfica.

“I hope that you enjoy the game more than some of you did against Tottenham,” wrote Mourinho.

Ahead of United’s Super Sunday clash with Chelsea, live on Sky Sports, former Crystal Palace owner Jordan told The Debate Live that he is not impressed.

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“Honestly, he should sit down, shut up and get on with his job,” he said. “I am tired of this ‘shush’ mentality and Mourinho antics that it’s always about spinning the plates around him.

“Fans have a right and Manchester United have been built on a history and tradition of effervescent, rambunctious, buccaneering football, and they aren’t getting it.

“The Man Utd fans will take the style of football now while they are winning but in the long game, Manchester United are built upon a heritage of playing a certain way and I don’t think you will get that from Mourinho.”

Jordan also said he does not see the positivity he might expect in Mourinho’s outlook.

“I don’t think he helps his cause by this dark attitude he has sometimes; he is like the dark to Jurgen Klopp’s light,” he said. “

“In my mind, Manchester United are the biggest club in the world, yet I don’t see that expressed in Mourinho’s outlook.”