Samoa Joe says he wasn’t waiting on call to sign for WWE


Samoa Joe has been a pro wrestler for 18 years – but only in WWE for 18 months

Samoa Joe insists the prospect of never signing for WWE was not something which weighed heavily on his shoulders.

Joe is a week away from a match which he happily calls the biggest of his career – the WWE title clash with AJ Styles at SummerSlam, which comes 18 months after he moved to the main roster from NXT.

The 39-year-old was denied the chance to compete at WrestleMania earlier this year due to injury and his other appearances in ‘big four’ pay-per-views have been in multi-man matches.

Prior to his stint in NXT, Joe developed a reputation as one of the best wrestlers outside of WWE through excellent programs with wrestlers such as CM Punk, Kurt Angle and Styles himself.

His career began in 2000 and while he admits to doubts he would ever make the move to WWE, it was not a situation over which he lost a great deal of sleep.

“It wasn’t a doubt that I wrestled with,” he told Sky Sports. “Was it a doubt? Sure, but it wasn’t something I was sitting at home worrying about.

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“I’ve always made my opportunities, I’ve never been one to wait for them and sit around waiting for something to happen. I’ve always sought them out.

“It was the same thing with WWE. There were a lot of people making the connection and we came to a great agreement.”