Samoa Joe: AJ Styles match at SummerSlam is biggest of my career


Samoa Joe takes on AJ Styles for the WWE title at SummerSlam, live on Sky Sports Box Office on August 19

Samoa Joe is happy to call his SummerSlam showdown with WWE champion AJ Styles the biggest of his career.

The two have enjoyed a long rivalry throughout their careers, appearing in several excellent matches in other companies over the past 15 years.

However, the match at SummerSlam – live on Sky Sports Box Office on August 19 – will be the first high-profile meeting of the duo at a major WWE event, and Joe knows it represents a big chance for him.

“Sure, yes,” he said when asked if it was the biggest match of his career. “Of course, I’m fighting for the WWE championship at SummerSlam.

“It’s a great opportunity for me. I’ve been in big matches before but it’s been with four other goons but this is one-on-one and we’ll find out what’s what.”

A match between Styles and Joe – two of the highest-rated in-ring talents in WWE today – is seen by many as a ‘dream match’ but despite that weight of expectation, he is very confident they will deliver a great contest.

“There’s no pressure whatsoever but only because I understand the capabilities of the people involved,” he told Sky Sports.

“I mean, I’m looking forward to it. I know potentially what could go down in that ring and it’s all about getting ready for game day now and making it happen.”