Royal Wedding: Lewis Hamilton on watching the ‘fairy-tale’ event

Lewis Hamilton says he enjoyed watching the “fairy-tale” marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as F1’s world champion revealed how he followed the Royal Wedding.

The Mercedes driver was among the expected 1.9 billion worldwide TV audience tuning into last Saturday’s ceremony in Windsor, with Hamilton taking advantage of a non-F1 weekend by watching on from his home in Monaco as the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex tied the knot.

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Hamilton admitted he is not normally the biggest fan of weddings, but was taken aback by the spectacle and inclusivity of the service.

“I watched here at the weekend just with a smile on my face the whole time,” he said in response to a question from Sky Sports News ahead of this weekend’s Monaco GP.

“It was great to see such a positive change. It was great to see how happy they both were. It was just a really proud day for the world and it’s always great to see positivity and change.

“The fact you do have diversity in the Royal Family today is a huge thing, people probably don’t realise how important that is. Even to see at the church you had a mixture with the ministers, in the music, in the choir, it was just really beautiful to see.

“So I just had the greatest weekend ever just sitting there watching, seeing talented people play music and seeing them speak and then just to see this power couple walk out.

“It was the greatest wedding I’ve ever seen – and I’m not big on weddings at all, I avoid them at all costs. But this was one, I wish I was actually in England to have seen it.

“Plus, England on a sunny day is just so beautiful with the castle and everything. It was pretty much a fairytale that every kid and adult today that’s particularly not married dreams of having that kind of weekend.”

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Hamilton later added to Sky F1: “It’s put such a great vision in people’s minds of what is possible and for diverse couples.”

Last year Hamilton penned a poem in tribute to Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, on the 20th anniversary of her death and explained “she inspired a lot of people around the world, including me”

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