Robbie Savage reveals why he thinks Eamon Dunphy was talking nonsense

Robbie Savage broke the internet in Ireland last night after tweeting to say Eamon Dunphy was talking nonsense while on punditry duty.

Savage had been watching the RTÉ coverage of Ireland’s defeat to Serbia where he heard Dunphy gives his thoughts.

Now Savage has spoken out about what exactly Dunphy was saying that he considered to be “nonsense”.

Speaking at the Eir Sport season launch, Savage said:

“…if Wes Hoolohan were to start against Georgia they would have got three points. Well no disrespect to Wes Hoolohan, he’s no Gareth Bale and he doesn’t play regularly in the Championship. Yet according to Mr Dunphy, if he had started, they’d have got all three points in Georgia. Absolute nonsense.

“I’ve been to Georgia with Wales, difficult country to go. Ireland got a point. So listen, it’s his opinion.

“I’m now led to believe he’s made a good career out of it and I respect him.”

Savage also said he has since found out more about Dunphy after the backlash to his original tweet.

“I had to Google him, he played for Millwall, you know fair play to him. But I got such a backlash of Ireland fans saying he’s controversial…

“But listen. Mr Dunphy, huge respect, but I had to Google you.”