Presidential candidate Hope Solo files complaint against US Soccer Federation

Hope Solo has filed a legal complaint against the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) for what she claims is a “blatant violation” of a legal code protecting athletes.

Solo alleges the federation is in violation of the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act and has called for the United States Olympic Committee to hold the governing body to account.

In a statement on her website, Solo, who is one of eight candidates in the running for next month’s USSF presidential elections, said she could no longer sit back without taking and allow American soccer as a whole to suffer.

“US Soccer has become blinded to its fundamental obligation to develop soccer in America,” Solo wrote.

“Because of the power, prestige, status and money flowing from the federation’s alliance with Major League Soccer and Soccer United Marketing, the USSF’s priority has become protecting and building the MLS, at the expense of our youth, the women’s game and our place in the global game.

“I joined the USSF presidential race because I could no longer watch the USSF sidestep its responsibility to the people it was created to serve,” she added.

“As a player, I experienced the USSF’s ‘profit before progress’ approach for more than 20 years.

“The campaign has also made me acutely aware that the USSF’s conflicts of interests and other governance transgressions are so alarming that we can’t wait for the results of the Presidential election to take action.”

World Cup winner Solo made 202 international appearances for the US Women’s National Team, keeping 102 clean sheets.