Police warn GAA fans over successful All-Ireland final ticket scam

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) have issued a warning over a man selling fake All-Ireland final tickets, writes Ciara Phelan.

In a Facebook post, the police service said a man claiming to be from Antrim is approaching GAA fans online.

The man has asked people to send cash to a Belfast address and unfortunately, those who have fallen victim to the scam have not received any tickets.

The address the monies have been sent to have ranged through all parts of Belfast.

The PSNI issued a warning to the public about fraudsters and gave advice on how they should handle the situation if they became suspicious.

“Scammers are inventive and can be very convincing. Their singular aim is to gain access to your money and they will employ just about any tactic to do so, from purporting to represent businesses and government agencies to claiming to be fundraising for charity,” read the post.

“Always be wary of any individual that cold calls you and be especially suspicious of anyone who asks for money, banking or credit card information. It is highly unusual for any legitimate company or organisation to demand money over the phone.

“If you are at all suspicious about a call that you receive, hang up and phone the organisation that the person is purporting to represent to check their authenticity. Ideally make the call from another telephone so you can be sure the original caller has not remained on the line.”

Sourse: breakingnews.ie