Phil Mickelson incident at US Open was ‘ridiculous’, says Rob Lee


Rob Lee says Phil Mickelson risks losing the respect of his fellow pros

Phil Mickelson risks losing the respect of his fellow professionals following his controversial penalty incident at the US Open, according to Rob Lee.

Mickelson provoked criticism for his actions on the 13th hole in the third round, when he struck his ball while it was still moving on the green.

The five-time major winner was subsequently penalised two shots under Rule 14-5 which prohibits “making a stroke at a moving ball”.

Mickelson said he was happy to accept the penalty after admitting he “didn’t feel like going back and forth” on the hole – comments which Lee believes could attract disdain from his competitors.

2:15 Mickelson incurred a two-shot penalty for opting to hit his ball while it was still moving in a bizarre incident that led to a sextuple-bogey 10

When asked if Mickelson’s actions could prompt a rule change, Lee said: “I don’t think so. I think Phil just lost his head.

“He should have come out and said ‘Hands up, this course has got me this week – I just lost it’.

“It was just Phil being really silly. His mistake was to come out and try and justify it, that he had some plan and ‘I always intended to do this at some point and now I did it’. It was ridiculous.

“I think he has done himself a disservice. I don’t think any people who really have this game of golf to heart looked upon that as a really good thing to do.

“I think he has made a big mistake. He should have put his hands up and said ‘People make mistakes, I’m sorry – let’s move on’.”

Butch Harmon feels Mickelson should have been disqualified from the competition and Lee believes ‘Lefty’ could face a backlash in the wake of the incident.

“I think most players will look at it, even if they don’t admit, a bit disdainfully,” said Lee.