NFL Play of Week 11: Vote for your favourite from our top five

We've picked out five of the best plays from Week 11 in the NFL – vote for your favourite now!

Helmet catches, juggling efforts and toe-tapping TDs; vote for your favourite play from Week 11 in the NFL!

Click on the video above to watch our pick of the top five best plays from the week and then vote for your favourite below…

A) ANTONIO BROWN – 10-yard helmet catch TD, Titans @ Steelers

‘Somewhere, David Tyree is smiling’. Pittsburgh wide receiver Brown did his best Tyree impression as he pulled off this spectacular catch for a touchdown off his helmet on Thursday night.

Highlights of the Tennessee Titans' clash with the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 10 of the NFL

B) LAMAR MILLER – 7-yard toe-tap TD reception, Cardinals @ Texans

It’s the kind of skillful catch normally associated with receivers, tasked with doing it day-to-day, but it was running back Miller who showed them how it was done here with this superb toe-tap TD for the Texans – expertly keeping himself in bounds as he made the grab.

C) TARIK COHEN – 15-yard TD run, Lions @ Bears

Rookie running back Cohen produced another explosive play for the Bears when rolling out left for this 15-yard touchdown run, finished off with a somersault into the endzone over the advancing Lions defender.

D) ALVIN KAMARA – 18-yard juggling TD reception, Redskins @ Saints

Kamara juggled his way into the endzone for this crucial Saints touchdown in their overtime win over the Redskins. He had seemingly made a mess of the catch at first but, no, he managed to cling on, juggling the ball – somehow avoiding it being intercepted – before hauling it in at the third attempt and then running in for the score.

E) ROGER LEWIS – 34-yard one-handed catch, Chiefs @ Giants

What a catch! And a clutch one too. In overtime against the Chiefs, Lewis pulled off this amazing one-handed diving grab on a 4th down and 5 to take the Giants down near the goal-line, setting up their game-winning field goal.

We’ll bring you the best plays of every week in the NFL for you to vote on like above, so check back in on Tuesday next week to see the very best Week 12 has to offer.

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