Monaco GP: Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel’s ‘team-mate’ chat

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton discuss the possibility of being team-mates in the future and joke about partnering up for Le Mans.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel as F1 team-mates?

It’s a match-up that appears unlikely to ever happen but with Hamilton still yet to sign his expected new Mercedes contract, Vettel was asked in Thursday’s pre-Monaco GP Drivers’ Press Conference whether he would welcome his title rival at Maranello next season.

“I don’t know, he hasn’t asked me!” replied Vettel.

“He has a veto, so that wouldn’t happen,” interjected Hamilton.

“I don’t! I wouldn’t mind, but to be completely honest I’m happy with the relationship I have with Kimi” insisted a smiling Vettel.

“I think we have a better relationship, do you not think?” responded Hamilton.

Hamilton and Vettel ready for Monaco fight
When’s the Monaco GP on Sky?

The pair then each explained why they were unlikely to come up against each other in the same team during the remainder of their F1 careers, although Hamilton then floated the possibility of a ‘dream team’ line-up one day at Le Mans…

It’s an entertaining exchange between the two four-time champions and current title rivals and you can watch in full in the video at the top of the page!

The crown jewel in the F1 calendar returns and you can watch the Monaco GP on Sky Sports F1 this weekend, with Saturday and Sunday’s action also on Sky One. Get Sky Sports F1.