Mind Games – Episode One: The Zone


How far can match preparation can help you combat the mental demands of sport?

The quest for mental toughness is the holy grail for any sportsperson – but is it something you can learn?

In ‘Mind Games’, Charles Colvile investigates what it means to be mentally tough in sport through the prism of cricket.

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During the series we explore the techniques and routines that today’s players use to prepare themselves for the challenges that the modern game presents.

Plus, we talk to other athletes about the challenges their sports throw up and take a look into the future to find how cutting edge technology will help the next generation of England cricketers.


How far can your match preparation help you get into ‘the zone’?

In episode one of ‘Mind Games’, former and current players talk us through elements of their pre-game routine from watching clips of themselves and opponents to using mindfulness and meditation.

Jeremy Snape, former England bowler and professional sports psychologist, explains how visualisation can help while golfer Justin Rose, boxer Anthony Joshua and former rugby union player Will Greenwood talk about the importance of embracing pressure.

Plus, what you can learn from a batsman’s body language as he emerges from the pavilion and just how important are trigger routines?

We also take a look at some of the ‘dark arts’ used to unsettle opponents and learn how some players thrive on the clarity of a match situation.

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