Max Verstappen reveals 2018 helmet design as he eyes F1 title bid

It is the part of a Formula 1 driver’s race uniform which is the most personalised – and the one which is undoubtedly the most recognisable.

So the unveiling of a driver’s crash helmet design for a new season is always a point of interest, with drivers and their chosen designers mulling over possible arrangements for months.

In a special Red Bull video, Max Verstappen has explained the tweaks he has made to his design ahead of a season in which he is hoping to challenge for F1’s world title for the first time.

Rather like the expectation for his team’s new RB14 car when it is launched on Monday, Verstappen has opted for evolution rather than revolution with the Dutchman explaining the changes he has made from the design he finished last season with (2017 helmet pictured above).