Mauricio Pochettino says Tottenham need to challenge for trophies

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino says qualifying for the Champions League is not enough and they need to start winning trophies.

Spurs have qualified for the Champions League in the last three seasons but they have yet to win a cup under the Argentinian, who is beginning his fifth season in charge.

Pochettino says Tottenham are “competing in the same race” as the top teams in the Premier League but admits they do not have the same “tools” as some of them.

Speaking to, the Spurs boss said: “I’m here to win. The reality is to win and to have the argument about whether you have the tools to win is a different matter.

“We have had massive success at the club, getting Champions League for a third year in a row.

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“But maybe that is not enough and maybe we need to change certain things because for me it is not enough.

“I want to challenge and fight to win things until the end, that moment when my chairman Daniel Levy says to me, ‘Mauricio, go home and find another project’.

“Winning is my concern and I feel responsible after four years with the club to try to achieve this.

“To compete at that level and challenge the big sides that have focused on improving their teams, while the reality for us has been improving our facilities, such as building the training ground and new stadium, I think it is not fair to compare us with these kind of clubs.

“We are competing in the same race but in a different way.

“In football all can happen. We have come close but our opponents are at a level where every year they improve.

“We will keep pushing with different energy and different tools.”

Pochettino also revealed that Harry Kane was disappointed at not scoring more than six goals at the World Cup and that England did not reach the final.

“I love his energy and desire,” Pochettino went on. “For him it is not enough to finish fourth in the World Cup or second or third in the Premier League.”