Liverpool fans face Champions League final travel disruption

Around 300 Liverpool supporters heading to the Champions League final in Kiev are facing disruption to their travel plans.

A travel company has confirmed they are having issues with landing slots for three flights which are due take Liverpool fans to Ukraine.

The flights, one due to leave on Friday and two on Saturday have been arranged by World Choice Sports of Widnes and a spokesperson for the Company has said they are working to resolve the issue.

Around 4,000 Reds fans are expected to fly from Liverpool to Kiev over the next few days for Saturday’s final against holders Real Madrid, with some chartering private jets.

UEFA confirmed on Thursday that Liverpool will not be given 1,000 tickets that have been returned by Madrid.

Liverpool have complained to UEFA after their fans have faced spiralling accommodation and travel costs for fans trying to attend the game.

“They just don’t have the airport infrastructure and the hotel capacity to cope with an event of this size and there isn’t another major city within real hitting distance of it,” Liverpool chief executive Peter Moore told the Liverpool Echo newspaper.

“It’s not only affected Liverpool fans but Real Madrid fans too. There will be lessons learned from this. Rest assured, I’ve raised this at the highest levels of UEFA.”