Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp proud of Roberto Firmino for handling racist comment accusation

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says he is ‘proud’ of the way forward Roberto Firmino handled being accused of making a racist comment.

Everton’s Mason Holgate alleged that the remark was directed to him by Firmino during an FA Cup third round tie in January.

But an FA investigation found that, while the accusation was made in good faith, there was not enough evidence to charge Firmino.

Klopp said: “It was a long time and I am really proud of how he dealt with it.

“We were sure from the first second that there is nothing to be afraid about from his side.

“So, happy that is confirmed now.

“It is a very important subject. Racism is obviously still in this world something we need to think about and we need to be careful with.

“But if there is nothing, then we need to sort it as well. All good now, let’s carry on.”