Junior Premier League launches app to tackle abuse in youth football

Over 10,000 young footballers will have access to an app which will allow them to anonymously report bullying, abuse and racism.

The Junior Premier League has introduced a safeguarding app for young footballers to help tackle abuse, bullying and discrimination.

From June 1 over 10,000 players will be given free access to the reporting app, especially designed for children, which allows them to have anonymous and confidential conversations with child welfare staff at the Junior Premier League.

Director of football at the Junior Premier League, Richard Martins, said the purpose of the app is “to hopefully offer the child a voice”.

The confidential nature of the app is designed to make players more confident to share their worries and its introduction comes after allegations of widespread child abuse in youth football.

The Junior PL has also raised concerns over the current lack of awareness about how to report incidents, with many young players unaware of their club’s Child Welfare Officer.

Chairman at the Junior Premier League, Martin Brock, said this initiative will encourage players to report all forms of inappropriate behaviour.

“No child should suffer and we will do whatever we can to make the Junior Premier League the safest place in the world for a kid to play football.”