Joel Tomkins apologises for bar incident after new video is revealed

Wigan Warriors forward Joel Tomkins has issued an apology for the bar incident involving he and his brother Sam Tomkins that was captured on video.

On Sunday, Sam Tomkins was fined £5,000 by Wigan while Joel was given a four-match ban and a £10,000 fine after a video emerged of the brothers being abusive and threatening to staff in a local bar Fifteens five weeks ago.

Sam Tomkins, who is leaving the club to join Catalans Dragons, on Tuesday posted a second video of the incident on his Twitter account along with a full apology from Joel Tomkins, saying: “Joel understands the mistakes he has made and has personally apologised to every person in the footage.”

Wigan have said that discussions would take place about Joel Tomkins’ long-term future at the club.

Executive director Kris Radlinski said: “I was pretty disgusted at the video that I saw on Saturday evening.

“Our players know and fully understand the role that they have to play within the community and to see two of our high profile, senior players behave in such a way, disappointed me greatly.

“They aren’t just role models for the young kids in the town, they’re role models for the younger players in the squad. It is impossible to put a strong culture in place if players you trust to drive those standards act in such a way.”