Impressions of Arsene Wenger, Andy Murray and Gareth Southgate

Luke Kempner and Alistair McGowan do their sporting impressions before the launch of their new show on Sky One, The Week That Wasn’t.

Alistair McGowan and Luke Kempner show off their sporting impressions by doing Arsene Wenger, Andy Murray and Gareth Southgate.

The mimics were speaking to Sky News before the launch of ‘The Week That Wasn’t’.

The new show is live on Sky One on Thursday night, Kempner hinted Wenger would feature in the new series and gave presenter Sarah-Jane Mee a sneak preview.

Celebrities and political leaders are targeted by McGowan, Kempner, Ronni Ancona, Matt Forde and Jess Robinson.

You can watch The Week That Wasn’t on Sky One at 10pm.