ICC’s cricket committee to discuss removing coin toss from Test Championship games

Removing the coin toss from Test Championship matches will be one of the issues up for discussion at an ICC cricket committee meeting later this month.

The meeting in Mumbai on May 28 and 29, which has 12 items on the agenda, could see an official proposal put forward to ICC chief executives, most likely to be rubber-stamped at their annual general meeting in Dublin in June.

Briefing notes, reported by Cricinfo on Wednesday, revealed significant concerns at the level of home advantage in Test cricket.

Any move to remove the toss, which would reportedly see the away team simply given the choice to bat or bowl first, would not quite follow the change made in County Championship games two summers ago, where visiting teams are given the chance to bowl first or opt for a traditional toss.

The ICC briefing note read: “There is serious concern about the current level of home team interference in Test pitch preparation.

“More than one committee member believes that the toss should be automatically awarded to the visiting team in each match – although there are some others on the committee who do not share that view.”

Former India spinner Anil Kumble heads up the ICC cricket committee.

Sky Sports News understands any change to the toss will only apply to Test championship games when they get underway in 2019.