Glen Durrant, Scott Mitchell and Jamie Hughes lead BDO charge

We asked three of the British Darts Organisation’s finest to run the rule over the eight who will represent at the Grand Slam of Darts when the sport’s two codes come up against each other for the only time in the season.

Scott Waites’ victory in 2010, 12 months after his run to the final in 2009, remains the benchmark for those in the BDO as they look to challenge the Professional Darts Corporation’s very best.

Last year, five of the eight names made it through the group stages, only to fall at the first knockout stage.

Danny Noppert pushed Gary Anderson all the way before an eventual 10-9 defeat, while Glen Durrant lost out in a cracker to Raymond van Barneveld.

Both men are back – Durrant as the BDO’s world champion and Noppert the runner-up – alongside current BDO No 1 Mark McGeeney, former world champion Scott Mitchell, Jamie Hughes, Peter Machin, Ross Montgomery and rising Australian star Cameron Menzies.

We asked Durrant, Mitchell and Wolverhampton’s very own Hughes to run us through the new names we will see in action at the Civic Hall…

Glen Durrant

The current world champion is the man to beat. He’ll be our star name. Scott Mitchell

Been consistently the best player in the BDO in the last 2 or 3 years. Probably the best we’ve got to offer at the moment ability wise. Very good friend of mine too. Jamie Hughes

Scott Mitchell

He’s the England skipper and BDO through and through. Determined, focused and a role model. Glen Durrant

England captain. I call him skipper. Solid leader, very good leader. Just a solid all-round man. Jamie Hughes

Mark McGeeney

He’s an England player and he is high scoring and very consistent. Give him one dart at a double to win the match and he will hit that double. Glen Durrant

He was BDO No1 for most of the year. He doesn’t think about a great deal except for winning games. Ask to hit a double under any pressure, and he thrives. Scott Mitchell

Very very talented. Only just starting to show his potential now, what we all saw about four years ago. Deserving BDO number one at the moment. Jamie Hughes

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November 11, 2017, 1:00pm

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My best friend on the circuit and I can’t understand a word of what he says when he talks! He cannot wait to get back to playing in Wolverhampton again. Glen Durrant

The hometown boy will want to do his town proud. He’ll be sleeping in his own bed so he’s got as good a chance as anyone. Scott Mitchell

Danny Noppert

Danny had a good Grand Slam last year and lost in the BDO final. He has aspirations of being with the PDC – one to look out for. Scott Mitchell

Solid, quiet but very, very determined and a huge scorer. Glen Durrant

Very talented. Been a very good player for the last four years, but only last year travelled to get his rankings to qualify for Lakeside and lost in the final. He lost to a very good Glen Durrant, so there is no disgrace in that. Jamie Hughes

Peter Machin

He’s from Australia but you could not meet a nicer a guy! He won the World Darts Trophy this year and he is really keen to do well and make his mark. Glen Durrant

A little laid-back Aussie that is one of the nicest guys you can meet in the bar. The quiet ones are the ones you need to watch. Scott Mitchell

We don’t know much about Peter because he’s from Australia. Seems like a very solid all-round player, especially as a finisher. Jamie Hughes

Ross Montgomery

Legend! The Scotland captain and he is passionate who is playing very well and I am looking forward to seeing how he plays. Glen Durrant

Ross is a proud Scotsman who wears his heart on his sleeve. Scott Mitchell

Probably Scotland’s best player for the last ten years in the BDO system. Very good consistent all-round player. He’ll be hoping to shock a few people because he quite regularly gets put down for his record on TV, so he’ll be wanting to shut a few mouths up. Jamie Hughes

Cameron Menzies

A Scottish lad who has burst on the scene in the past 12 months. He throws rapid-fire. Scott Mitchell

Bags of talent and exuberance. Excitable and a massive scorer, he could be a real dark horse. Glen Durrant

Probably the most naturally-talented of the bunch. Young lad; very aggressive on the oche at times. He’ll be good for the viewers to watch. Hopefully he brings his A-game, because if he does it will be a treat to watch. Jamie Hughes

The Grand Slam of Darts gets underway live on Sky Sports on Saturday November 11 with a double session as the best of the PDC compete against the best of the BDO.

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