Germany World Cup exit has no bearing on England, says Gareth Southgate

England manager Gareth Southgate says Germany’s shock World Cup exit has no impact on his side.

Southgate thinks the stunning exit of the defending champions proves that teams need to continue evolving.

Germany finished bottom of Group F after Wednesday’s dramatic 2-0 loss to South Korea – while England are already through to the last 16 ahead of Thursday’s match against Belgium.

England may have wanted to avoid Germany in the latter stages but, when asked about their exit, Southgate said: “I don’t think it has any bearing on us.

“What it shows is that, with Italy and Holland out before we got to this point, Chile – who were in the Confederations Cup final – as well and now Germany, there really is no opportunity to rest on where you are as a team, or stop the constant improvement.

“We have learned an enormous amount from studying Germany as a team.

“We learned a lot from watching them last summer and have implemented some of that, and they are a team that won the World Cup.

“Indirectly, I would say they have had a big bearing on what we are doing now but, in sport and life you just have to keep evolving and improving, and it just shows anyone is vulnerable on any given day.”

Asked if he was as surprised that Germany are out, the England boss said: “Of course I am surprised.

“I was here last summer for the Confederations Cup and they brought a young team, they also won the U21 finals but, in this tournament I think they have been ahead for about a minute and a half in their matches.

“It has been unusual to see them struggle as much as they have, but the level of all of the teams is strong and they have played teams who have been tactically very good against them, and exposed counter-attack situations in particular.

“I didn’t look at that group and think automatically that they would go through.

“I watched some of the game and they were just unable to break South Korea down.”