Georgia Elwiss on Loughborough Lightning’s fortunes, including a six-overs-a-side loss to Western Storm

In her Sky Sports column, Georgia Elwiss talks Loughborough Lightning’s chaotic six-overs-a-side loss to Western Storm and socialising on the team bus…

Our last game on Sunday against Western Storm was a six-over blast; it could have gone either way and was a bit of pot luck really. I’ve never captained a situation like that before.

It was very chaotic, balls were flying everywhere, but it was a great challenge and it was good fun even though we came out on the wrong side of it.

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There were a couple of funny rules, we only needed to have three bowlers – and I’m used to normally needing to use five – and the powerplay ended halfway through an over so it was a little hard to get our heads around.

The main thing I said to the girls was to hold our nerve, trust what we were doing and to expect to go for runs and that will be okay.

In a six-over game if you go at 10 runs-an-over you are probably quite happy, which sounds strange, but with still having 10 wickets it’s a free-for-all.

I wanted them to keep calm; I know people tend to speed up under pressure, so trying to slow the game down as much as possible if we were up against it was important.

The girls did well, we just weren’t prepared for what the Storm hit us with in the end.

Despite losing, it will be good for us. I told the girls it will be good to have been under that sort of pressure because we are going to go through periods of pressure like that in 20-over cricket, when players are going hard at us, and we know that we’ve been through these experiences to be better and to know what to do in the future if it happens again.

I’ve grown as a captain over the three years [of being in charge at Loughborough] and I definitely feel a lot more comfortable this year than in the previous two.

I’ve been lucky that there is a lot of international captaincy experience around me, especially with Jenny Gunn – who was England vice-captain for years.

We all come together and are good at sharing ideas and thoughts, but the players get the balance right between not giving too much information and letting me work out things, which is important.

We have had three away games to begin the tournament so we’ve had long bus journeys to have a bit of fun on!

We’ve had a few card games and unfortunately Elyse Villani has won quite a few and is the reigning champ, which pains me to say!

Cricketers Danni Wyatt and Georgia Elwiss did a spot of souvenir shopping while on tour and they allowed the Sky Sports team to join them.

There have been a few quizzes and we celebrated the end of the school year with a Sports Day, but other than that we’ve been training hard and travelling over the last week.

All the players do love a good coffee, especially the overseas players – who can be coffee snobs! – so they’ve been travelling into Leicester to find good coffee.

Most of the girls know each other really well because they’ve been at Loughborough University together and already have that bond so I don’t feel we need to push that social side like other teams might.

The great thing about the KSL for someone who is always in and out of the England side like me is that you know you’re pretty much guaranteed to play all of the games, so you can take that worry out of your head.

I’m always better when I’m not thinking about my own game so the captaincy role helps me.

We’ve got two home games coming up and Loughborough always put on great events for us and we get the deck chairs out and we tend to get a good crowd!