Erupting volcano fails to stop golfers in Hawaii

The erupting Hawaiian volcano Mount Kilauea failed to stop some people playing golf

Golfers are often thwarted in their hopes of a pleasant round but even an erupting volcano could not prevent some hardy soles in Hawaii.

As people could be seen, in the distance, standing in amazement as the ash plumes rose into the sky from the Kilauea volcano, a couple of golfers were pictured mid-round at the Volcano Golf & Country Club, located within Volcanoes National Park.

The pictures, from Tuesday, were taken before thousands of residents on Hawaii’s Big Island were ordered to flee the area after an alert was raised over an “explosive eruption” – not seen since 2014.

Since a new zone of the mountain began erupting almost two weeks ago, giant ash clouds have been frequent and lava has wrecked homeowners, with further activity likely.

Watch the video above to see the incredible pictures from Hawaii!