England ready to write ‘Cinderella story’ with South Africa tour win, says Scott Wisemantel

Scott Wisemantel is ready to help write England’s “Cinderella story” by continuing to stand up to Eddie Jones.

Wisemantel has renewed his long-standing partnership with Jones dating back to 2004 after being appointed on a five-week contract to revitalise England’s attack for next month’s tour to South Africa.

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June 8, 2018, 8:00pm

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By Jones’ own admission, England’s offensive game has stalled following a dynamic first half of his reign, resulting in the recruitment of his Australian compatriot, who he worked with while coaching the Wallabies and Japan.

Wisemantel has been unafraid to lock horns with Jones in the past and will do so again as England seek a first series victory on South African soil and to end their four-match losing run.

Eddie Jones says he is unconcerned by England's growing injury list, despite criticism of his training methods.

“It’s a Cinderella story if we do it. I wouldn’t have come here if I didn’t believe England have the players to win there and that I can make an improvement,” Wisemantel said.

“Probably Eddie’s biggest selling point was that England has never won a series in South Africa. For me that was a bit of a challenge.

“Anyone who has worked for Eddie will realise that once you have worked for Eddie you are always working for Eddie.

“We always pick each other’s brains. It is a symbiotic relationship – our relationship has been about bouncing information bouncing both ways.

“It is not easy [standing up to Jones], but that’s a real relationship isn’t it? If I disagree, I disagree and then we have the debate and vice versa.

“That’s good for your growth, it’s good for the team’s growth and it challenges everything to make it the best programme it can possibly be.

“He will pick the eyes out of your programme, and question why you’re doing things and vice versa.

“If I disagree with something that we’re trying to do I raise it and we move on. I’ve got to say, that’s one of Eddie’s great strengths. He can have the debate, have the argument and then move on.”

When asked if their discussions ever escalate to shouting matches, Wisemantel said “It depends what decibel you’re monitoring.

“I don’t think there are winners and losers. You come out and you feel challenged but you move on. You know what the rules are and you move on.”

Wisemantel started working with England at their Brighton training camp a fortnight ago and has been impressed by the attacking ability of the players available to him.

“The quality in general is very good but is it perfect? No it’s not. So we’re going to aim for perfection,” Jones said.

“The reality is, in an open-skill sport when you’ve got multiple decisions, you’re never going to get perfect but their desire to get better is probably one of the qualities that has stood out.”