Eli Manning says New York Giants have not wasted his prime

Eli Manning insists he has “some peak years left”, responding to claims from Shaun O’Hara that the New York Giants have “wasted his prime”.

The quarterback experienced a difficult 2017 season – throwing his lowest total since 2008 – and found himself benched at one point, however he is confident he can rediscover his form.

“That’s not the way I look at it,” Manning said, in response to O’Hara’s quotes. “And I think I still have some peak years left, so we can make it right.”

In 2017, Manning threw 19 touchdown passes, and only twice has he had fewer than that: in 2013, when he had 18 in 16 games, and in his rookie season of 2004, when he played in nine games and had six touchdown passes.

The Giants finished the 2017 season at 3-13, the NFL’s second-worst record.

However, following the appointment of new head coach Pat Shurmur in the off season Manning is confident the team will improve and says he has been impressed by his new boss’ methods.

“I feel good with the offence,” he said. “I really do. It makes sense. I can visualise it right when the coach starts calling it. I don’t want to say [the offensive philosophy is] simple, but it all has a little common sense to it.

“So I’m enjoying it, I’m learning from it.”