Drew McIntyre: WWE stars have to wake up and realise the chance they have


Drew McIntyre delivered a fantastic promo on his return to WWE – and it had its roots in reality

Drew McIntyre has urged his fellow WWE superstars to realise the opportunity they have before it is too late.

The 33-year-old is currently in the midst of his second run with the company and has made a big splash in a heel duo alongside Dolph Ziggler.

McIntyre left WWE in 2014 and competed in his native Scotland for ICW as well as elsewhere on the United States independent circuit before rejoining the company via NXT – where he was a world champion – and going back on the main roster after this year’s WrestleMania.

3:00 McIntyre has made a big splash on his WWE return, being used in a prominent Raw program with top star Seth Rollins

He admits he lost his passion for the business during his first run and is concerned there are some members of the current crew who are in the same position.

“It was real and hopefully that’s why you felt it,” he said of the famous promo he delivered on his return in which he spoke about certain superstars ‘just being happy to be here’.

“I’m not talking about the whole roster of course – WWE is the number one company in the world and the deals we’re doing and the stock prices show how well we’re doing.

“But when I was there (before), I kind of lost my fire and forgot why I was there, I forgot why I was in WWE and it’s embarrassing to think about that. It was only when I left I realised what an opportunity I’d let slip away and I knew I’d never do that again.

“I see a lot of the same looks in people’s faces and quite frankly it annoys me. I’ve been around the world and there are independent stars and NXT stars waiting to take their slots.

“I’m back as the wake-up call to everybody to tell them they have to take their opportunity because there are people ready to take their spot.”