Dejan Lovren says he still feels disbelief over Tottenham penalty decisions

Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren admits he still finds it difficult to understand why Tottenham were given a penalty in the 2-2 draw at Anfield

Dejan Lovren is still outraged at the penalties given for Tottenham against Liverpool on Sunday and says referees should be 100 per cent confident making a decision.

The Reds were furious when the first penalty was awarded, with referee Jon Moss ruling that Lovren’s touch had played Harry Kane onside before the England striker was brought down by Loris Karius.

The second penalty, which saw Spurs equalise through Kane, came from Moss contentiously punishing Virgil van Dijk for a challenge on Erik Lamela, which is another decision Lovren still cannot get his head around.

Liverpool 2-2 Tottenham

“I still cannot believe it happened,” Lovren told Sky Sports News. “I saw the two situations afterwards and I was even more surprised to be honest because on the pitch it looks different.

“Maybe you say okay first it was a penalty because he touched him, or it was not offside.

“But when you see these images it looks even worse. I just do not understand these rules.

“In this situation we need the VAR system,” he added. “But we could not find it because nobody understood what was happening.

“Then when I saw what the referees were saying between each other ‘did he touch or not’, I don’t know what he said, but then suddenly he gives a penalty.

“It cannot be like that, you need to be 100 per cent when you give a penalty in the 85th minute and in the 95th minute.”