Chris Eubank Jr offered advice by George Groves, David Haye, Tony Bellew plus more…

Chris Eubank Jr must plot a comeback after last week’s loss to George Groves, so some of boxing’s big names have dished out their words of wisdom.

Eubank Jr was vocal pre-fight in explaining that he doesn’t use a full-time trainer, saying: “I know what I’m doing, I don’t need that instruction.”

His father, former two-weight world champion Chris Eubank Sr, and the coach who guided his career, Ronnie Davies, were in Eubank Jr’s corner but couldn’t prevent defeat to Groves. So, how can he improve?

George Groves

He could maybe get a trainer. I wouldn’t really want to patronise him anyway. He dreams big, which is good on him, but tried to fill it out with fairy dust.

There is no substance to anything behind him. Maybe this is the best way to do it, because you’ll never really know his limitations, but he’s never going to go any further. He should either try something else, or perform.

Tony Bellew

Find yourself a teacher and not a cheerleader. Give Ronnie Davies the credit and respect he is due – he is a brilliant coach. Let the man have an input.

I speak from experience because I’ve had a cheerleader as a coach before. Cheerleaders are great for your ego but they do nothing for you in a real fight.

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The advice would be no different to what every other genius is saying. It’s easy afterwards to tell someone where they went wrong.

If you punch freakishly hard in your weight category – like Gennady Golovkin, Naseem Hamed or me – moving up isn’t an issue. Eubank Jr is a volume puncher so trying to implement that in a bigger weight category is very difficult.

Not having a trainer was pre-fight hype – there’s no boxer who thinks a trainer can’t help them. I don’t see anything wrong with Ronnie Davies, who is an experienced coach. It’s up to Eubank Jr to take advice, or not take advice.

Eddie Hearn

Groves schooled him. One camp had a great trainer and a great plan, the other had no trainer and no plan. Eubank Jr should be congratulated for what he’s achieved without schooling or a trainer.

His dad said that Junior doesn’t need a coach due to his natural skill – that is absolutely ludicrous. I can’t believe he would say that. Every fighter needs a trainer. There were times in the fight when Eubank Jr needed help but the only instructions from Senior were ‘pressure him, pressure him’.

Eubank Jr needs to revert back to basics and get a team behind him who know what they are doing. You can’t just rely on an engine and work-rate or he will never beat a world class boxer who knows how to box and move their feet.

Joe Gallagher

Eubank Jr should go to the Mayweather Gym. That would be ideal for him, to take him away from the situation here. Get away, rebuild, go back to middleweight, and have a fight in America.

Take on Curtis Stevens, or get yourself in the picture to fight Daniel Jacobs – something like that. An American trainer like a Virgil Hunter or a Mayweather would suit Eubank Jr, and after a fresh start he could come back again.

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