Callum Smith confident he has the beating of George Groves or Chris Eubank Jr

Callum Smith firmly believes he has “the beating” of George Groves or Chris Eubank Jr and intends to prove himself as the No 1 fighter in the World Boxing Super Series.

The Liverpudlian will be watching with interest when Groves defends his WBA ‘super’ title against Eubank Jr in their super-middleweight clash in Manchester this Saturday night.

George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr took part in a media workout

Smith is preparing for his own semi-final battle with Braehmer, a week later in Germany on February 24, and remains confident that he will emerge victorious from the eight-man tournament.

“I’m in boxing to become the best in the world and have the big domestic fights. It doesn’t really get much bigger than a world title fight against Groves or Eubank,” Smith exclusively told Sky Sports.

“Of course I would be lying if I said I didn’t look at that fight, but I knew I had two tough fights to get there and I’ve come through one against [Erik] Skoglund and I’ve got another one against Braehmer.

“I entered the tournament to become a world champion. I beat Braehmer and I get to fight for the world title in a big domestic fight, so I couldn’t really ask for anything more.

“I’ve said before, out of the eight [man] line-up, I put myself against each one individually, I felt I had the beating of all of them.

“When you look at them all as a whole, you think it’s a tough tournament, but you’ve got to take each fight as it comes. I’m fully focused on Juergen Braehmer. There is a lot of publicity around Groves and Eubank, but I’m trying to just concentrate on my own job and come through my fight.”

Smith was impressed with Eubank Jr’s effectiveness at close quarters when he spent a past training session at his Bolton-based gym, but is edging towards Groves to pull off victory this weekend.

“I think it’s whoever gets their tactics off right,” said Smith. “If Groves stays at distance, uses his skill, uses his ability and doesn’t tire as much, then I think he wins it on points, maybe even hurts him. He is heavy-handed.

“If he does tire, I think Eubank takes over and it becomes an up close fight, and then there is only one winner.

“It really is a hard one to pick a winner. Probably I would lean towards Groves. I wouldn’t like to put my life on it, to be honest with you, but I do lean towards Groves. Winning a lot of the early rounds, having some bad moments late in the fight, but I think he can hang on and win it on points.”