Andrew Luck ready for Indianapolis Colts return

Andrew Luck is ready to take the next step in his comeback on Thursday night against the Seattle Seahawks, but the Indianapolis Colts quarterback admitted Tuesday he was not sure it was going to happen

Luck, who has been rehabbing his right shoulder for the last 19 months, told Mike Wells of ESPN on Tuesday his comeback has been filled with some bumps.

“There were one or two moments where I wondered if I am ever going to be able to do this again,” Luck told Wells.

“Certainly this [preseason opener] isn’t what I’ve been working toward the whole time, but sort of in the same vein it is another step in this journey and one that is sort of about the next one right now. That’s really exciting and that’s fun.”

Luck, who has passed for 19,078 yards in his NFL career, has not played since the end of the 2016 season.

“I probably struggle hiding how I feel at times,” Luck said. “Whether that’s a positive or negative thing, whatever. I think I’m happier with myself. The crux of the matter [is that] I think that really allows me to enjoy football, and it does feel like a game to me instead of a job or a profession.

“I don’t want to ever lose that feeling. I sort of get it when you hear guys in their late 30s and 40s, and they’re talking about it’s like playing a kid’s game. I think I semi-understand what they feel in their hearts now.”

Luck might try to play as much as one quarter against the Seahawks at CenturyLink in their preseason debut but the Colts head coach Frank Reich does not want Luck to try to do too much.

“Rhythm, get the ball out,” Reich told Wells about what he hopes to see from the former Stanford quarterback. “Feeling that juice again, getting amped up and all the adrenaline that comes and controlling that on game day.”

Luck has been a full participant in nine of the team’s 11 practices during training camp in Westfield, Indianapolis.

He said: “Every day I feel a little bit better about my technique in team drills. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious.

“Sometimes it’s not, and I also feel better. I feel stronger, I feel more fit. I feel like my arm has more in it, and a little more in it, and a little more in it.”