Andre Ward will not be sadly missed by former opponent Carl Froch after his shock retirement from boxing

Andre Ward’s retirement was a “shock” to Carl Froch, but lingering memories of a “horrible night” mean the Sky Sports expert is not sad to see him leave boxing.

It’s quite shocking. He’s young enough at 33 to have a couple more big fights. I’m not sure he’s No 1 pound-for-pound, but he’s right up there with all the panellists when they are asked who is the best fighter in the world. Andre Ward comes right at the top of the list.

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You would think that he’s got two, maybe three more big paydays out there for him, but is it too hard on his body, or has he just fallen out of love with the sport? I don’t know what his actual reason is, but it’s a bit of a shock I suppose.

Andre Ward was a very good fighter, tough to hit. When I boxed him I could barely land a glove on him and it was a very awkward, tricky, horrible night.

With that style, it doesn’t really get the juices flowing. It doesn’t really get people excited. I don’t think the TV broadcasters really gave him much love in America.

It’s a shame because he was a great addition to the light-heavyweight division, beating Kovalev in his last fight, albeit with three low blows! He still beat him.

I won’t be sad to see the back of him. It’s not sour grapes. I know he beat me, but I never really got that excited when he boxed. Andre Ward used to nullify his opponent and don’t get me wrong, he’s a class act, he knows what he’s doing and he knows how to win. I think he’s unbeaten since he was 12 years old, or something ridiculous.

I don’t like to see it happen, but if anybody could come out of retirement, Andre Ward could because he’s young enough and good enough to still compete at the top level.

Being the kind of guy he is – Andre Ward is a classy guy – I think if he’s retired, then he’s retired for a reason that he’s probably going to stand by. Sadly this may be the back of Andre Ward.

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