Alexa Bliss: Why the Goddess has risen to the top

Alexa Bliss wasted little time cashing in her Money in the Bank contract to become a three-time Raw women’s champion.

It was the latest step in The Goddess’ meteoric rise through the women’s division. Sam Pettit takes a look at what makes Alexa such a special asset…

If you couple her three stints as the red brand’s women’s champion with her two reigns as SmackDown women’s champion, Bliss has led the women’s division on either brand for more than 450 days, that’s over half her time on WWE’s main roster.

Considering this is the same Little Miss Bliss who had just two opportunities at the women’s title during her time in NXT, the magnitude of her rise is quite remarkable. But what makes Alexa such a diamond?

0:28 After making Money in the Bank history, new Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss reveals her successful cash-in was all part of her master plan

Playing the role of a heel in WWE usually goes one of two ways: either you are a powerhouse who leaves a path of destruction in your wake like Brock Lesnar or Nia Jax or, much like the legendary Ric Flair, you are one of the dirtiest players in the game.

With all due respect, Bliss falls in the latter of those categories but what she lacks in size and power, she more than makes up for in attitude.

The Raw women’s champion has a unique way of drawing a reaction from the WWE universe, particularly with mic in hand. She trash-talks audiences and steals victories while oozing the perfect air of sass and arrogance.

Her character has developed to such a point that she divides fans.

More often than not, she will feel the heat of the WWE Universe but, as was evident at Money in the Bank, there is a growing contingent of the crowd on her side.

It places her in a unique group of active WWE superstars, with classmates including Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura and, most notably, Triple H, who have forged an emotional connection with the entire WWE Universe. She is soundly booed or cheered wherever she goes.

In the ring, she’s a gifted superstar, showcasing a delicate balance of aerial and ground ability.

Not only does she have her top-rope signature Twisted Bliss but recently she has added the classic DDT to her arsenal. She has trademarked some of the more ugly moves, too, using the top rope as leverage while stomping her opponent’s face into the mat.

Keeping pace with the growth of the women’s revolution, Bliss is willing to push the boundaries. She entered and won the first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match, making a spectacular leap from the top of a pod in the process.

Even in the wake of that victory, she was able to draw the crowd in with an emotional speech before viciously turning on them again. It bore shades Mark Henry’s infamous spot in announcing his ‘retirement’ before slamming John Cena into the mat.

0:31 Ronda Rousey stated she will be coming for Alexa Bliss after her 30-day suspension

Love her or hate her, you cannot deny the enormity of Alexa Bliss’s achievements in the past two years and what she brings to the women’s division, both in and out of the ring.

To the WWE, Bliss is box office and, at 26 years old, The Goddess is just getting started…