AJ Styles: Ronda Rousey can become a WWE Hall of Fame member

AJ Styles believes ex-UFC champion Ronda Rousey can have the same impact in WWE as Kurt Angle and go on to become a Hall of Fame member.

Rousey recently traded mixed martial arts for professional wrestling when she appeared at the conclusion of January’s Royal Rumble and confirmed afterwards she had signed a contract.

She will publicly sign that deal at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, live on Sky Sports Box Office on February 25.

Styles, the current WWE champion, believes Rousey will have no problem making the transition to sports entertainment and says the high standard of the current women’s division will make the change even easier.

Kurt Angle – whose path from another sport to WWE Rousey is following – confirmed she will sign her contract at Elimination Chamber

“Let me tell you about somebody who came in like Ronda has and went straight to the top – Kurt Angle”, Styles told TMZ Sports.

“Now he was an Olympic champion but he still didn’t have the name recognition that Ronda has.

“Ronda, though, she’s an athlete. She can adapt, that’s what she does. She’ll learn quick. She’ll be a sponge and she’ll be up there with the Kurt Angles and everybody else that has gone into the Hall of Fame.

“If she’s ready, let’s get her in the ring. If you throw up against Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Becky Lynch she’ll have a fantastic match. We’ve got so many great female wrestlers on the roster now.”