Tech-Tourism: Modern-Day Pilgrims Roam the World’s IT Meccas

Tech-Tourism: Modern-Day Pilgrims Roam the World’s IT Meccas
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Valery Spiridonov, the first in line for a head transplant operation, explained why people are now going to California and other high-tech Meccas, and how Moscow and other Russian cities could become top destinations for tech-tourists.

The number of fans of active and intellectual leisure is growing every day along with popular touristic routes, which encompass entire spheres of human endeavor.

Digital Era

The Silicon Valley in California is a hands-down Mecca for today’s tech-tourists who come to see the birthplaces of world-known corporations, including the garage where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak put together their first Apple computer.

The headquarters of Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, eBay, Adobe and other companies are major attention grabbers too.

Silicon Valley is also home to the offices of Google, Mozilla, Mountain View, of Microsoft in Redmond, of Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto, and also the famous bar in Redwood where an Apple worker famously lost the an iPhone 4 prototype.

The First in Space

Moscow is no slouch either, named by the Intelligent Community Forum, (ICF) the world’s seventh smartest city in terms of introduction of IT technologies in the Muscovites’ everyday lives.

The work done by the city’s traffic control center and the video monitoring of road traffic has won big kudos from specialists.

The local Museum of Cosmonautics, one of the best around, offers fascinating insight into the history of spaceflight with an eye-catching display of the first spacesuits, the first satellites, rocket engines and moon rovers.

Tech Cities of the Far East

Seoul is named by many “tech-tourists” as the world’s most intelligent city with an atmosphere of a megalopolis of the future.

The South Korean capital also offers 4G and wireless internet at subway stations, smart street lights, which save energy, play music and offer free Wi-Fi access, intellectual video cameras capable of recognizing unwanted visitors, etc.

Local bus stops feature electronic terminals where one can choose the right route via satellite navigation, acquire a weather forecast and watch satellite photos of the city.

Tokyo comes a close second offering visitors a chance to ride on the world’s fastest trains and see the most sophisticated robots ever devised by man.

Robots are everywhere: they are used in  agriculture, in taxis and in the form of exoskeletons used by local police officers.

Tokyo is also home to the Henna Hotel – the world’s one and only guesthouse entirely manned by robots.

Electronic people are used in show business as crooners and there is even a robotic pop band entertaining the public. In medicine, robots are used as assistants and stimulators for would-be doctors.

Future Designs

For the connoisseurs of everything that is new in the world of high-tech, the annual Consumer Electronics fair in Las Vegas is just the ticket.

Here one can drive on a single-seat taxi drone or fix his haircut with  a smart comb hooked up to a smartphone via an app that analyzes the state of one’s hair and offers advice on how to take the best care of it.

One can also find here a refrigerator with an in-built camera and a touchpad.

The smart icebox also knows how to take photos and upload them to the cloud so that its owner can see what else he or she needs to buy to fill it up.