Russian Firm Denies Wikileaks’ Allegations of Collusion With Security Agencies

Russian Firm Denies Wikileaks’ Allegations of Collusion With Security Agencies
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Billing company PETER-SERVICE has insisted that it operates in accordance with the law and has never provided data to security and law enforcement services of any country. The statement came in response to the recent allegations by the whistleblowing website.

“PETER-SERVICE operates in strict accordance with the law of those countries where its customers are present. Privacy is one of the pillars of our work,” company’s press service has told Sputnik in an email. 

They stressed that the company’s employees do not have access to mobile operators’ customer data. Moreover, the company has never provided data to any security service in any country, according to the service. 

“Our practices comply with the law and the standards adopted by other major companies in the billing market. At the same time, over the last two years PETER-SERVICE has had no ongoing contract with a governmental institution or agency,” the press service spokesperson stressed. 

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks released a batch of 209 documents from PETER-SERVICE dated between 2007 and 2015. The whistleblowing organization claimed that the billing company has been cooperating with the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Russian Interior Ministry. 

WikiLeaks said in a statement that PETER-SERVICE has been seeking “partnership and commercial opportunities with the state intelligence apparatus.” According to the statement, the data reportedly provided by the company to the security agencies may include “phone and message records, device identifiers (IMEI, MAC addresses), network identifiers (IP addresses), cell tower information and much more.”