iPhone 8 Plus Reportedly ‘Exploded’ in Taiwan While Charging (VIDEO)

iPhone 8 Plus Reportedly ‘Exploded’ in Taiwan While Charging (VIDEO)
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is still fresh in many people’s minds; now disturbing reports from Taiwan are suggesting that the new iPhone 8 Plus ‘exploded’ while charging.

The iPhone 8 has been out for just one week in Greater China, but the Taiwanese media report is raising some concern about the new phone, especially its battery.

According to Taiwanese media reports, a woman named Wu, from Taichung city purchased an iPhone 8 Plus last Saturday. 

The device worked fine until Tuesday afternoon when it “blew up” while charging.

Photos and videos of the damaged phone have gone viral online. 

They demonstrate that the iPhone did not explode into flames but instead the phone’s screen was pushed up, maybe due to an inflated battery.

Wu reportedly tried charging her phone when its battery life was at 70 percent and she used the original iPhone charger. The explosion occurred during the day and thankfully there were no causalities.

Wu herself is allegedly an avid Apple fan and has been purchasing their products since iPhone 4.

The device was sent to an Apple facility for inspection to find out what went wrong.

While no findings have yet been released, many have pointed to the battery as being the problem.

There have been reports of the iPhone 8 Plus battery expanding while charging, splitting the device open.