For Grandmas: Tech-Heads Turn Internet On and Off With Metal Valve (VIDEO)

For Grandmas: Tech-Heads Turn Internet On and Off With Metal Valve (VIDEO)CC BY 2.0 / D@LY3D / Home connection mergedViral19:23 28.09.2017(updated 21:43 28.09.2017) Get short URL

Have you ever dreamt of switching the internet on and off by simply turning a handle? These guys have actually made your dream come true.

A video on YouTube posted by a network administrator at Near East University, Cyprus, shows exactly how an old school valve can control internet bandwidth speeds. 

Ilker Dagli, a system and network administrator, posted the video explaining how he and his team created a hardware solution called NetValve to simplify controlling the network.

According to Dagli, his solution is so simple even “our grandmothers can use it,” online website Motherboard reported him as saying.

Dagli and his team connected a classic metal valve to a custom-built single board computer that runs an embedded operating system and developed the software that controls the network. 

“Turning the valve left increases the bandwidth, and turning it right slows it down. Lefty loosy, righty tighty,” Motherboard reported.

Following their demonstrative video, some people expressed interest in purchasing their creation, so Dagli started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money in order to make more of these valves.

So far they managed to raise $20 of their $50,000 goal in five days.