For Better or Worse: Apple’s New iOS Spins Its Users Wildly Out of Control

For Better or Worse: Apple’s New iOS Spins Its Users Wildly Out of Control
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Apple’s fresh iOS 11 has been officially out since September 19, and countless numbers of users can’t help pouring out their mixed feelings to Twitter.

Apple has officially announced the release of a new operating system for its devices. Compared to the previous versions, the latest iOS underwent a noticeable redesign, and a lot of upbeat users just can’t get enough of it. The new Control Center has been overhauled and is very different. It can be swiped up from the bottom edge of the screen and customized by a user.

Among other novelties, there are, in particular, a new Screen Recording feature at the Control Center, more interesting options regarding Live Photos, the Do Not Disturb While Driving mode, more natural-sounding Siri and even augmented reality support.

Significant changes have been made to the AppStore: it looks more like a magazine rather than a catalog of application. From now on, the new AppStore will also include editorial articles and selections of applications, as well as tips and instructions for users.

Negative reactions followed from disappointed iOS users too.

Some users were clearly not impressed with 3D Touch multitasking being removed and the famous circle signal bar changed back to the original one.

A bunch of bugs was also noticed in the latest operating system. For example, some interface elements may overlap, or the system gets confused with the display orientation.

A number of users didn’t even have a chance to check out the new iOS yet, either due to busy Apple servers or because of iOS 11’s massive space requirement. Usually, Apple’s servers get overloaded because of the large number of people trying to download the update.

Many users took to Twitter to express their frustration about the lack of storage space on their phones to update their iOS.

The problem turned out to be common for hundreds of users, and the only way to get the new iOS was deleting whatever they could to squeeze out the couple more megabytes or even gigabytes.

Beta testers of the newest operating system tossed in their two cents’ worth too.