Elon Musk Offers Sneak Peek of Futuristic Underground Freeway in Los Angeles

Elon Musk Offers Sneak Peek of Futuristic Underground Freeway in Los Angeles
Photo: Elon Musk / instagramTech15:51 29.10.2017(updated 15:56 29.10.2017) Get short URL

Elon Musk has posted the first photo of an experimental new tunnel under Los Angeles, which his company envisions will carry vehicles and people pods at high speeds, freeing up the roads above ground.

The Boring Company, founded by Elon Musk, has started construction of a tunnel under Los Angeles which it says will relieve pressure on the city’s above-ground traffic system.

On Saturday, the tech entrepreneur published the first photo of the tunnel and revealed that 500ft (152m) has been built so far.

Musk says the tunnel will work “like a fast freeway,” with electric skates carrying vehicles and people pods at speeds of up to 150mph (241kph).

​The underground road will run parallel to Interstate 405, a north–south highway in Southern California. It is planned that the road will eventually relieve traffic congestion by offering drivers the chance to descend underground for a speedier ride to their destination.

​In the future, The Boring Company plans to expand its tunnel system to create an underground freeway from New York to Washington D.C, from Los Angeles to San Francisco and a loop in Texas.

Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, founded The Boring Company in December last year. The company’s aim is to build tunnels and infrastructure to solve the problem of “soul-destroying” traffic jams above ground. Musk hopes that the technology could one day be used for the Hyperloop, a project to build a system of vacuum-propelled pods that will transport people and goods at high speeds.