Chinese Surgeon Performs Human Head Transplantation

Chinese Surgeon Performs Human Head TransplantationCC0Tech17:58 22.11.2017(updated 19:45 22.11.2017) Get short URL5135420

Despite the fact that the world’s first ever human head transplant was carried out, humankind still has a long way to go before it’s able to provide patients with brand-new bodies.

Dr. Ren Xiaoping led a team from Harbin Medical University which carried out the worl’s first head transplant experiment.

Later, Italian professor Sergio Canavero claimed at a press conference in Vienna that the world’s first human head transplantation has successfully been performed on a cadaver during an 18-hour operation in China.

However, Dr. Ren could not share the enthusiasm of his Italian colleague. The Daily Mail cited Ren as saying that his team wrapped up what he described as “the first surgical model for a head transplant” rather than an operation.

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Touting it as a “significant scientific breakthrough”, Ren at the same time remained downbeat about a head transplant on a live human, saying that “there is a long way to go.”